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Our Investment Philosophy

In this world, you take various risks and hope to be rewarded for those risks over the long run. If you understand those risks, they become less of an obstacle when they arise. Misunderstood risk may produce an emotional decision to change your philosophy or leave a strategy all together. Additionally, many investors treat the investment markets like a casino and expect quick results. We say if you treat the markets like a casino, they will treat you like a gambler. Many Investors tend to convert desires into needs.

Our Roadmap

An investor faces many choices over their investment horizon. Chasefield takes a long-term quantitative investment approach focused on math, integrated with your narrative and including your experience and comfort with the investment process. We support investors with the desire to sustain their resources as well as provide for both current and future generation needs.

We view the investment process as a dynamic choice portfolio problem. It is solved by dynamic programming – the stuff used to send rockets into space and value complex financial solutions. So, portfolio optimization and choice is actually rocket science! We will spare you the math.


Our process goes beyond the two widely held ideas about long term investing 1) “buy and hold” is optimal and 2) long term investing is different than short-term investing.

Let us be clear, we are not suggesting that long-term investors subscribe to the behavior that often befalls investors who engage in short termism – trying to make quick gains that lack clear strategies to achieve long term results. Long-run investors must make a series of short-term decisions about risk and returns but they have an advantage over the myopic short-term investor because they have a long horizon and strategy.