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Reaching Beyond Asset Management

Wealth management reaches beyond asset management to plan how you want your hard work to impact your family and retirement. It is your plan and roadmap for the future.

Our Roadmap

At Chasefield, we are merely the architect in bringing your bring your dream to a reality. Legacy and retirement planning evolve over time as you and your family changes. It is not a static process and takes commitment to your vision.

Planning for the future is a challenging exercise at best. A plan and a roadmap will help you navigate the objectives of retaining and utilizing your collective assets. Planning to meet future needs whether they are for you, the next generation, charitable causes or just maximizing your estate takes careful consideration. We have multiple advisors helping you with estate planning, taxes, titling, family dynamics and asset management. How will you bring them together to create a cohesive path to your desired results? Who will take the lead in that process? Chasefield can lead or be part of that process. We have extensive experience in bringing trusted advisors together.

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is more than money! Most families deal with many changes throughout the course of life. Selling a business, personal life changes, and children growing up just to name a few. Wants and needs change. Your plan is a living document that needs constant attention and review. When life changes, your plan changes. This is not a one and done process.

At Chasefield we work with you to put your plan to paper and build the foundation for your future.