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Reaching Beyond

Your responsibility to balance assets and liabilities reaches beyond just returns. Proper analysis and understanding of risk, in conjunction with returns, will help you meet your responsibilities to stakeholders. At Chasefield Capital, we provide you the tools to successfully accomplish those goals.

Our roadmap

Chasefield will structure your data and organize information into a usable format for more productive and efficient asset management. You will drive the discussion and the narrative with new levels of understanding in how you perceive performance and risk. Thereby demonstrating who adds value and who does not. Clients have become hypersensitive to investment costs and have been pushing down on fees for years. Instead of letting asset managers drive the discussion, you will take matters into your own hands by improving the transparency of their performance reporting.

Managing assets

You may access our low-cost, direct asset management platform with dynamic asset allocation based on solid academic theories and mathematics. Chasefield has a six-year track record demonstrating relatively low risk and solid Sharpe ratios. Our focus is on risk management and factor-utilization. While not a precursor to accessing our consulting platform, it will provide you with options and insight. Additionally, we can provide manager searches and due diligence using our internal profiles and software.

The focus will be on liability management as well as returns.

Custom, consolidated reporting across multiple custodians and managers will provide you with unique insight into idiosyncratic risks and overlap in your investment structure.