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Harold Pine

I started Chasefield 10 years ago with the help of a successful entrepreneur that sold his company and was looking for a comprehensive solution for investments and his family legacy. Over the years, we have settled in to define what we do best based on our capabilities, education, and knowledge. After several iterations, we realized our extensive investment experienced in capital markets and quantitative solutions utilizing our in-house coding and math delivered exceptional risk adjusted returns.

While our methodologies can apply to all investors, institutional investors may make the most use out of our processes. They are based not only on long-run ideas and thinking but efficiency in delivering returns and managing risk. Institutional investors should strongly consider leveraging quantitative solutions as an integral part of their investment strategies.

In a world where market dynamics are increasingly complex, quantitative solutions provide a crucial tool for institutions seeking to achieve more consistent and resilient investment outcomes. The adoption of quantitative solutions is a prudent step for institutional investors looking to enhance their decision-making processes, improve portfolio diversification, and better manage risks in an ever-evolving financial landscape.

There is no easy road and there are plenty of options for investors. We offer asset management as well as consulting. They can be combined and we can provide a comprehensive solution or a client can choose what services they need to achieve an outcome commensurate with their goals.


Master of Science – University of Washington – School of Applied Mathematics Computational Finance

MBA – University of Colorado – Finance