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Recession – Yes or No?

The debate surrounding recession and soft landing continues.  Mind you, professional economists are notoriously bad at predicting recessions.  Why would we be any better?  However, even if you can’t predict a recession, you can at least examine the data and determine if one is within reason based on that data.  We highlight a few items… READ MORE

Banking and Credit

My writings typically focus on stocks and bonds, however with recent cracks in the banking system in March and extending into May, I want to give you my thoughts on the future landscape. I will keep my concentration on the big picture and just to a couple of pages as this issue of banking and… READ MORE

Chasefield Special Report

Trying to put into context performance for clients is always challenging.  Advisors want to know how they did versus known benchmarks.  We call this relative performance.  Advisors know the only way to escape losses is to just not invest.  Many market timing methods offer another set of challenges too lengthy for discussion in this paper.… READ MORE

Chasefield 2023 Outlook

It has been a tough year for stock and bond portfolios. I believe we are seeing the impacts that a hawkish Fed is having on both bond and stock markets alike. Throughout the year, we made a few tactical changes to portfolios that included adding a position into ACWI in May and selling in late… READ MORE

Versa Fund One Year Performance

Versa Fund is up almost 4% net after fees since launching in the beginning of October in 2021. Versa Fund has performed remarkably well despite the market falling substantially in 2022. To that end, we have created roughly 18% in alpha over our benchmark the S&P 500. We expect continued growth over the coming months.… READ MORE