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Current Outlook Financial

Chasefield Capital 2022 Mid-Year Outlook

As many of you are aware, the first two quarters of the year have been poor for both equities and bonds alike. A large portion of portfolio positions in the equities space are down 20% or more, bond performance is negative, and real estate is down about 20%. Commodities and cash have been the only… READ MORE

The Fed, Inflation, & Oil

Inflation and Oil Prices! How long and how high? That is a question on a lot of peoples’ minds these days. Inflation and oil prices are making headlines. How might this impact your life?  Are inflation and high oil prices sustainable?  What might it mean for your investments? Download PDF >>> READ MORE

Chasefield Capital May 2022 Outlook

The last 12 years have, quite frankly, been astonishing for the US equity market.  The bond market has kept pace as well.  Foreign equites have lagged dramatically since the mortgage melt down of 2008.  Here we find ourselves… Download PDF >>> READ MORE

Chasefield Capital January 2022 Outlook

Chasefield has continually said this since 2018, but it is still relevant even after three, going on four, years: Valuations are high and stocks are still expensive according to CAPE-10. Equity exposure is at a minimum in portfolios and… Download Full PDF >>> READ MORE